Dental scare

At Tandlægerne Classensgade we will always warmly welcome you. We know a lot of people don't think it's like fun to go to the dentist. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we take it seriously when you tell us that you do not like being at the dentist. In this situation, it is important that things do not go any stronger than you can keep up. It is therefore very important to us that we have a good dialogue through all parts of the visit.


Dentist with special focus on dental anxiety

Anxiety for dentists is an anxiety form on a par with other phobias, the Latin term is odontofobia. We therefore rightly take it very seriously if patients talk about anxiety during dental visits. If you are a new patient with us, we will spend plenty of time on the first visit to hear about your past experiences at dentists. We do this because it gives us an understanding of what you've been through.

Maybe we can also find out what can particularly help your dental scare. Some have had a bad experience as a child at the dentist or gone through a treatment that was particularly unpleasant. If you know that it is the sound of a particular instrument or, for example, lying right down in the dentist's chair that gives you anxiety, it is therefore also a very good idea to tell us. Because that way we can do everything possible for us to avoid these trigger points, so that we expose you to the least possible inconvenience.


Long time since the last dental visit?

Many patients with anxiety rarely come to the dentist and often you only turn when something hurts. Sometimes it's a wisdom tooth that causes pain or just causes tenderness. There may be a tooth with a large holethat has been allowed to develop so that the tooth now hurts and may need root treatment.

Even lifting the pipe and calling the dentist can be overrun. If you feel better about us calling you, we're happy to do it. Then we can have a chat over the phone about what we can do to make you feel more secure. Many times there is also an anxiety about how much to do. Not least the price can be a factor one can be nervous about. We will always start by doing a survey of your teeth, in order to get an overview. If we find in the study that there is something that requires treatment, we will find in consultation with you exactly the solution that suits your teeth. We find a solution that you can help - both financially and psychologically.


Always estimates before processing

We have a policy at the clinic to always inform our patients about the cost of a given treatment before we start. That's regardless of the size of the treatment and the bill. Because that way you can safely lie down in the chair. Because you know that you should certainly not be afraid of the price of the treatment.


Options for treatment with sedatives or complete glucose

Is the treatment you have to go through very extensively. Or do you feel very bad about being at the dentist and at the same time have an urgent need for dental care it is possible to give various sedatives that will help you get through the treatment. Maybe your doctor can prescribe some sedatives. In this case, we would love to help you plan your treatment to fit with an optimal effect of the medicine.

If all other ways are tried there is also the possibility that you can get into full-fledging. In that case, we will have an anesthesiologist at the clinic who will be in charge of this part of the treatment. Once you are placed under anesthetic, dental treatment can be carried out. If you are interested in this type of treatment, you are very welcome to contact the clinic and hear more.


The dentists Classensgade - we go to great lengths for you to feel safe!

In short, we will go to great lengths to make you feel safe with us. Going to the dentist is very much a matter of trust! 


"For me, it's crucial that you think you're in control of the situation. You should be allowed to have the breaks you need and you should have a feeling that you feel safe!" - Mia Rimhoff Byrel

Have you postponed your dental visit for a long time because you find it uncomfortable to come to the dentist?

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