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Treatment with crowns covers a wide range of treatments, but can have very varied causes. A single crown can help a broken or very destroyed tooth. But the same type of treatment can also be used to make sure that root-treated teeth do not break. Teeth with a large load, where a filling repeatedly breaks and is changed, may also need a crown. Crowns can also be used for aesthetic reasons like facades. Here the reason is typically that one or more teeth do not have a satisfactory shape and/or color. Several dental crowns that are connected are called a dental bridge. The treatment is used to replace one or more teeth and is typically an alternative to treatment with implants. Treatment with both crowns and bridges is also often   used in the treatment of the very worn dental set.


Treatment with a crown on a tooth

A dental crown is a porcelain or metal cap (typically gold) that is attached around the tooth. It can thus hold around a tooth with a crack in it so that the crack is not allowed to develop. The crown can also hold the con on a tooth that has been rooted and is therefore at increased risk of breaking. Due to the good durability of the crown, a crown can also be a good treatment if a tooth has a large filling that keeps cracking due to great load. The crown is custom made for the individual tooth. This is done by taking an imprint of the tooth and the crown is then produced by a dental technician. The crown is glued to the tooth with a special cement. Typically, it takes a few weeks from the tooth to be prepared until the crown is finished and can be glued/cemented on the tooth. However, if there is special consideration to be given, time may well be shorter.

The choice of material depends on the situation, but the vast majority of the crowns we make at the clinic are in a tooth-colored porcelain material. Depending on the requirements of the crown, these may be different types of porcelain. Some porcelain is very aesthetic and imitate a tooth very lively, which is why it is good to use on incisors. Other porcelain is very strong and is therefore typically used on the cheek teeth, where it must be able to withstand a chewing load.


Cosmetic treatment with crowns and facades

Often we don't think about how much the teeth mean for one's appearance. But studies have shown that a very large part of the way we perceive other people is about how they smile. If you are not satisfied with your teeth, you unknowingly avoid showing them by smile. Teeth that don't look the way you'd like, there's usually something you can do about. One of several treatment alternatives can be a treatment with porcelain. Sometimes, however, it is enough to simply treat individual teeth with plastic. Teeth that over time have received many small treatments with plastic can look dull and not aesthetically satisfying. A treatment with facades and crowns can therefore be the solution to once again get a nice and attractive smile.

A treatment with crowns typically requires removing a large part of the tooth. On the other hand, you remove much less of the teeth near you make facades. This is because a façade is porcelain that is just on the front of the tooth.

Treatment with façade can also be a good solution, where you have one or more teeth that have become discolored and therefore do not resemble the remaining teeth in the dental set. If you put some porcelain on the outside of the tooth, it can cover up the discolored tooth. This gives it a nice uniform appearance of the teeth again.

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