Dentist near Østerport St

With a location close to Østerport St, The Dentists Classensgade is the obvious choice if you work or live in the neighbourhood around Østerport. We always treat based on a dialogue with you as a patient, so that together we find the solution that is best for you. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we promise to do everything we can to make you feel safe with us.


Change dentist - near Østerport

Choosing a new dentist is a big decision. Because going to the dentist is very much a matter of trust. We at Tandlægerne Classensgade are very aware of this and we therefore also see it as a great vote of confidence if you choose to switch to us. We will do everything we can to live up to the expectations and hopes you have for your future dentist. Therefore, in order for us to get a good idea of who you are and what you and your teeth need, we always set aside extra time for you as a new patient. For the first time, in addition to a study of your teeth and surrounding tissues, we will also talk to you about past experiences and treatments at dentists as well as your future wishes for your teeth.


With us you get:

- Preventive dental care of the highest quality

- Trusting and safe treatment in bright surroundings

- Always offer estimates before processing - regardless of size

- Special focus on patients with dental anxiety


Emergency treatment - always time the same day

In case of acute pain, it is important to be inspected as soon as possible. Whether you are a new patient with us or already known at the clinic, we will welcome you on the same day if you call in pain. The clinic is close to Østerport St and it is therefore possible to get quickly from the station to the clinic - even on walking legs. The acute treatment will ensure that you become painless, but further treatment may be required at a later date if the treatment cannot be completed on the day. Whether the treatment ends on the same day or at a later consultation, before starting treatment, we will inform you of a price for the treatment. We do this so that you do not have to worry about suddenly surprising about the price after finishing treatment. In this way, we can also find in consultation the treatment that is best for you, both in terms of finances, chewing function, etc.


Good results with patients with dental anxiety

If you are one of the many patients who suffer from anxiety about going to the dentist you have come to the right place. Mia Rimhoff Byrel has extensive experience and very good results in treating patients with dental anxiety. You can therefore safely book an appointment with Mia and thereby be one step closer to a good experience on a dental visit. We promise that very quickly you will feel better about getting to the dentist. This will not only make it a better experience, but also that you probably come more regularly and there by minimizing the risk of getting some unpleasant surprises in the form of e.g. tooth decay.

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