Over time, the teeth will become more and more discolored. Some want to get their teeth closer to the original color and therefore get a bleaching of the teeth. A teeth whitening will always be preceded by a examination and dental cleaning. This makes you make sure that there are no medical conditions in the oral cavity before bleaching is started and by cleaning the teeth you make sure to get as uniform and nice result as possible by not having coatings on the teeth. Sometimes individual teeth may become discolored as a result of a root canal treatment or a blow. In this case, one can bleach the specific tooth by a procedure called internal bleaching. If the result is still not aesthetically satisfactory, it may be possible to make a façade or plastic on the tooth afterwards.

Dentists Classensgade bleaching
Dentists Classensgade bleaching


Home bleaching or clinic bleaching?

At The Dentists Classensgade, our bleachings are made as a home whitening. It is a treatment that takes about 14 days and give a nice, predictable and long-lasting result. Alternatively, clinic bleaching can be done where bleaching takes place at the clinic and takes about 2 hours. The reason we use home bleaching is because we think the result is becoming more predictable. The common recommendation is to bleach for 14 days, but if the result is nice after 9-10 days, why not stop there so you don't get fridge white teeth? A few will have the effect of bleaching some days more than the recommended 14 days and simply doing so. In addition, with a home whitening you will get bleached on both the front and back of the tooth. This will give a more aesthetic result.


How does home whitening take place?

Bleaching will be preceded by an imprint of the teeth, from which we mold a gibsmodel of the teeth. On the model, some rails are made to hold the bleach on the teeth. The bleaching sessions take place daily or every night at home. A droplet is placed in the rail corresponding to each tooth, after which it is placed over the teeth that have just been brushed.

At Tandlægerne Classensgade we have equipment to make the bleaching rails ourselves. This means that you can start teeth whitening very quickly after the prints have been taken. If desired, we can make it from morning to late afternoon.


How long do you have white teeth after bleaching?

Of course, it is interesting to know how long a bleaching has effect. Durability is very dependent on lifestyle, but a good estimate is 2-3 years. Do you often consume coloured foods, such as red wine, coffee and the like. teeth will typically darken faster. Likewise, smoking is a cause of discoloration of the teeth. While the bleaching is on and about 1 week later it is a good idea to reduce the intake of colored foods since during that time the teeth are particularly susceptible to dyes. After that, there is no change in relation to susceptibility to discolouration compared to before bleaching.

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