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Going to the dentist is very much about trusting the dentist and having a feeling of being in safe hands. It is therefore also a big decision if you choose to have a new dentist. If you choose to become a patient with us, we will do everything we can to give you a trusting and safe experience. We therefore always set aside plenty of time for new patients. Then there's time to talk about any concerns you might have about going to the dentist. We welcome you in our inviting, cozy and bright rooms with new and updated equipment. In this way, we are ready to provide the optimal treatment for you.


How do I do if I want to change dentists?

In order for us to give you the best possible experience with us, it is important that we talk about your previous history at dentists on the first visit. If you have had some particularly bad experiences at the dentist, we would like to know. If you have undergone some major treatments, it is also a good idea to talk about them.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or are otherwise not comfortable with being with the dentist, it is therefore also important that you are told this. In this way, we can organize your visits with us in the best way for you. It is important to us that you feel that the treatments are taking place at a pace you can attend. In this way, we make sure that you get the best possible experience.


First visit to The Dentists Classensgade

On the first visit we will do a study of your teeth and gums. But also jaw joints, chewing muscles, oral mucous membranes and other things we examine. If we find anything that requires treatment or extra attention, we'll talk to you about it. Together with you, we are making exactly the plan for your teeth that suits you.

Before you get to the clinic, it is a good idea if you can inform us where you have previously gone to the dentist. In this way, we can obtain medical records and X-rays before you get to the clinic, thereby we are even better prepared for your first visit.

The first time it is a good idea to come in a little time for the clinic. If you bring your health insurance card, we can make sure that all information is registered correctly. At the same time, you will have time to fill out our form for new patients. Then we'll know if there's anything we need to give special attention to. If you take any medication, please let us know. However, we have the opportunity to check your medicine via the Common Medicine Card, which is a common register for all healthcare professionals. Here we can update patients' medications and prescribe new medicines if this should be necessary.


Always estimate before dental treatment

The legislation has stipulated that we must offer a written estimate on all treatments, where the patient must pay more than DKK 2500 himself. With us, however, we have expanded this service to include all types of treatment - large and small. This gives you no surprises and can safely sit in the chair as you already know the price.  Don't worry about it suddenly becoming a lot more expensive than you expected.

If it is a major treatment you have to go through, we will also make a treatment plan together with the estimate. Then you know how long the treatment will last and what stages are in the treatment.


Aesthetic/cosmetic toothtreatment:

At Tandlægerne Classensgade we find that you forget to talk to your dentist about the things about your teeth that do not exactly hurt, but that still bother you. If you are upset about the appearance of one or more of your teeth, it is a good idea to mention to us. Often the treatment is simpler than one imagines and can be done with some plastic. Not all challenges can be solved at the clinic. But in case we consider that you are better off by referring you, we have a directory of other specialists with whom we regularly collaborate.

Aesthetics are very close to our hearts and we would therefore love to help you find a solution you will be happy with - also in the long term.


Payment and cancellation policy

Anyone can be prevented from coming to an agreed time at the dentist. It is therefore perfectly fine that you cancel and have your time moved. However, we would ask you to call us no later than 24 hours before, as we have patients on the waiting list who would like to be treated as soon as possible. At the same time, an empty dental chair costs us a lot of money. We therefore allow ourselves to print a no-show bill of DKK 263 for a no-show from appointment up to 30 minutes. The no-show honey increases if the agreed time is longer.

Cash will always be settled immediately following a consultation. We accept all card types. If you have to go through a major course of treatment, an agreed deposit is paid before the treatment is initiated. The remaining amount is paid when the processing is completed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us. You can also send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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The Dentists Classensgade by Mia and Anders Rimhoff Byrel

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