Wisdom stand and other surgical procedures

Oral surgery covers a wide range of very different treatments. The most common operation in the oral cavity is the removal of teeth and especially wisdom teeth. Another operation that is being performed is a root tipambutation or retrograde root canal treatment as this treatment is also called. The treatment is due to a permanent infection around the root tip of a tooth where root canal treatment has already been done - sometimes tried several times. Treatment with implants also requires surgical intervention. If you are going through a surgical treatment, it is good to read our Guide After Surgical Procedures.


Operation to remove wisdom teeth and other teeth

If the tooth is not possible to get to immediately or for a reason cannot be removed by a simple tooth extraction, it must be removed by a surgical procedure also called an amotio. The typical situation is wisdom teeth which are camped so that they cannot get out properly in the mouth and possibly pose a risk to the tooth in front. If it is considered that the wisdom tooth can cause caries in the tooth in front, one would typically recommend having it removed. Likewise, the cause may be pain from the gums around the wisdom tooth, as it is not to keep clean and therefore gives rise to acute gingivitis.

This type of surgery will take place under sterile conditions so as not to risk an infection in the area. The gums around the tooth are shot away so that the tooth can be seen, after which, if necessary, bone is removed around the tooth. In some cases it will be necessary to divide the tooth and tooth into some smaller parts. Once the tooth is removed, the area where it has been left is cleaned of any inflammatory tissue. After that, the gums will be brought back into place and sewn together in its original position. A surgical removal of a tooth may be associated with some discomfort in the form of pain and swelling afterwards. It is therefore a good idea to take the prescribed painkiller, as this will also help something on the swelling.

Simple tooth extraction

There can be many reasons why a tooth needs to be removed. Typically, the tooth will be in such poor condition that it is not considered possible to rebuild and therefore is not considered worthy of preservation. A simple tooth extraction takes place only with the help of a pliers and an elevator, without the need to divide the tooth or remove bone around it. A tooth extraction will usually not be associated with the large after pain, so a little week after you should not feel any pain from the area. However, it is important to leave the wound alone as it takes longer for it to heal.


Retrograde root canal treatment / Root tipambutation / Root resection

The above are all terms for the same treatment. If a tooth that has undergone root canal treatmentcontinues to be found to be infected, it may be considered that a surgical treatment of the tooth is carried out, removing a little of the tip of the root and then shutting the tooth off to make sure that no

bacteria in. The procedure takes place just like an amotio under full sterile cover and with adequate local anesthesia and is therefore completely painless. 

The operation takes place by pushing the gums aside and drilling a small hole in the bone into inflammation. Now the inflammation and the lower 3-4mm of the root are removed, after which a small hole is prepared up through the root, in which a stopper is subsequently laid so that no bacteria can enter the tooth again. 

Root resection is not a treatment with 100% success. Alternatively, to have a root resection removed, after which the now missing tooth can be replaced by an implant.


Good guidance for surgery

If you have surgery with us, you will always receive both written and oral guide on what to do after the operation. If you have any doubts, you are always welcome to contact the clinic on 3542 7727.

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