Student discount on dental visits

At Tandlægerne Classensgade we are aware that the study time can be financially a little cramped. However, we believe that it is still important to go to the dentist. For a healthy mouth should be kept going right throughout life - from start to finish. If you postpone your visits to the dentist too long, you run the risk that it will be much more expensive. We therefore offer a 15% discount on all "free services". That is, all the services where we as dentists have to decide the price ourselves. 


Discount as a student when you go to the dentist

Are you a student and think the money doesn't go that far? We are very aware that it must be cheap to be a student patient with us. On the one hand, your treatment will be organized so that you do not end up with a very large bill. However, we have also chosen to give discounts to students so that you get 15% on all benefits the government does not grant grants to. If you are under 26, examination and dental cleaning will also be at a reduced price. This is because these very fixed services have a lower price for the patient compared to patients over 25. Furthermore, there will be money to save if you are a member of Health Insurance Denmark. They, like us, have chosen to cater to young patients in particular. They do this by subsidising so that a regular dental check-up will eventually be free.


On our price list you can see which services we provide student discounts. 

When consulting at the clinic, remember your student card, as we will register you as a student. This gives you the student discount where possible with us. As mentioned above, if you are a member of Health Insurance Denmark, there is additional money to be saved. 

Are you a student and want a student-friendly dentist?

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