Examination and Dental Cleaning

The examination at the dentist is the regular contact you should have with your dentist. Here you will talk about any genes you may have had since the last consultation at the clinic and in addition, the dentist will do a study both clinically (see in the mouth) and if deemed necessary it will be supplemented by a radiological examination (X-rays).


Examination at the dentist

At the time of examination, the dentist will look for common dental diseases such as caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. But you will also be checked for more rare conditions, such as various diseases of the mucosa of the mouth (cheeks, tongue, palate, etc.). In addition, various general diseases appear in the mouth. At the serious end are HIV and leukemia, while vitamin deficiency can sometimes also be seen by a change in the oral cavity.


Dental cleaning

A check-up at the dentist will typically be followed by a regular dental cleaning. This is because after a dental cleaning, the teeth are easier for yourself to keep clean. A dental cleaning at the dentist removes the hard coating called tartar and the soft coatings called plaque. If plaque is allowed to sit extend undisturbed up the teeth calcification it and turns into tartar. Tartar has a very rough surface and will therefore be an easy place for more plaque to sit down. Tartar and plaque irritate the gums so that it becomes inflamed. Removing the coatings, inflammation of the gums usually disappears within a few days. Once the teeth have been cleaned and become slippery it will be easier to keep them clean afterwards with toothbrush and floss/toothpicks/spacebrushes. Clean teeth reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and of developing periodontitis.


How often should I come to the dentist?

A general study recommends that you get an annual survey. If there are special considerations to take, an individual call requirement will then be agreed depending on what the dentist deems necessary to keep track of what is recorded in connection with the examination. The checks can be done at intervals from 6 months down to a few weeks depending on the nature and severity of what is found.


We keep track of when it's time for dental cleaning and inspection

We'll help you remember your times with us. So you don't have to remember when it must be time for an overhaul and a dental cleaning. As a patient with us, we will write you into our file and make sure to send you a reminder when it is time for you to come back. In addition, we always recommend that our patients have a new time for inspection before they leave the clinic. We do this partly to be sure to have time for you and partly because experience tells us that you can forget about having a new time made. If the time does not pass when you are approaching, then it is easy to have it moved.

We have a strong focus on quality and we treat patients when needed. Therefore, you can be sure that we will only send you reminders after an appropriate time interval that is assessed based on your last dental inspection.

Moreover, you can be confident that we do not suggest treatments that you basically do not need. We see no benefit in overtreating and are happy to listen to your needs, so all recommendations are made through dialogue with you as a patient.

Should you have any questions or just want to book an appointment for examination and dental cleaning at The Dentists Classensgade, use either our ONLINE BOOKING or things for us at 35427727. If you want us to call you, you can also use our contact form on the right, then we must contact you as soon as possible.

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