Hole in a tooth

Treatments with plastic cover several types of treatments. Both treatment of tooth decay, but also cosmetic treatments can sometimes be done with plastic. Tooth decay (caries) is a breakdown of dental tissue that occurs when bacteria on the teeth over time affect the tooth by acid formation. The formation of bacteria on the teeth is most of all due to deficient oral hygiene, but the individual bacterial composition (bacterial flora), saliva and other hereditary conditions can have an impact on the risk of caries.


Treatment with plastic of hole in a tooth

If a hole (caries) is detected in a tooth, the size of the hole depends on the treatment to be initiated.

If the hole is superficial, it will typically be enough simply to surface treat with fluoride. Fluoride treatment makes the surface of the tooth harder and is thus harder for the acid bacteria to penetrate. Fluoride combined with good oral hygiene can thereby reduce the risk of the hole developing. However, it is important to know that the hole will never disappear. It is therefore very important to maintain good oral hygiene in the future.

If the hole is too large for it to be treated simply with fluoride, it may be possible to make a plastic filling in the tooth. The filling is made to stop the decomposition of the tooth that is in motion when there are caries in the tooth. If nothing is done about a tooth with caries, the decomposition will eventually reach the nerve in the tooth, causing inflammation and potential pain. In addition, the decomposition may become so extensive that the tooth needs a root canal treatment or cannot be rebuilt at all and therefore must be removed.


Can you feel tooth decay?

Tooth decay does not always cause symptoms and is usually detected by a regular inspection without the patient noticing before then. However, are there symptoms from the tooth are the most common:

 - Ice cubes from the tooth

 - Food bite between the teeth

 - Pain

 - Swelling of the gums next to the tooth in question


Replacement of old silver/amalgam fillings with plastic

Fillings today are made almost exclusively in plastic. Plastic is a good material because it is partly very strong and partly tooth-colored and therefore also aesthetically blends in well with the surrounding tooth. However, there is also another very important characteristic in plastic, namely that the plastic chemically binds to the tooth. That is, a plastic physia will help to hold a tooth together. Opposite plastic lies amalgam.


Plastic cosmetic treatments

Plastic as a cosmetic treatment can be a both quick and inexpensive way to get nice uniform teeth. The treatment constitutes a very small procedure on the tooth (minimally invasive) and is thus less traumatizing for the tooth than a treatment in porcelain. However, there are certain limitations in plastic treatments, partly cosmetically but also in terms of durability as plastics are not as strong a material as ceramics.

Please ask if you have anything you want to turn with us in relation to cosmetic plastic treatments. 

Before treatment
Before treatment
After treatment
After treatment

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