Full-on at the dentist

Full-on archaic disease can be a good solution for you, who feel that your treatment at the dentist will be best solved by not being awake along the way. We at The Dentists Classensgade would like to be able to help you with this. We have a permanent cooperation with an anesthesiologist who is in charge of full-time cancer and as dentists has extensive experience with this type of treatment.

We always recommend that before a treatment in full-time you come to the clinic and have your treatment talked through with the treating dentist. On it we make sure that you as a patient and that the dentist is sure what you expect to happen during treatment in full-time.


Some patients may feel that treatments at the dentist are very incalculable and unpleasant. Maybe you haven't been to a dentist in many years and now want to get your teeth back in order. Here, treatments in fullnarkosis can be a solution to get through this first more comprehensive round of treatment. We have a very good working relationship with an anesthesiologist. We have chosen him precisely because our experience is that there is a big difference in how included one is after full-on.' With our partner, our experience is that patients recover relatively quickly and have minimal genes afterwards. However, one cannot avoid any discomfort the same day and the day after. The degree of nuisance depends on the duration of the drug and one's general general condition. In general, however, treatments in full-grainedness should be seen as the last possible choice.

Large treatments can be done without full-on-line

Many patients who need major treatments, such as more implants, imagine that their treatment will have to take place in full-throes. But often you just end up splitting up the treatment in smaller stages, in order to get a more affordable treatment onions and a greater clarity about the individual treatment chances. It is therefore individual whether you need to take advantage of our offer to get into anestheses. It's something you and we find out together what will carry best for you.

Always 100% painless treatment

One of the most frequent reasons why you as a patient want treatment in full-time cancer is the fear that it should hurt if you are not fully sedated. However, 100% painless treatment is something we always guarantee even without the use of full-time gable. In fact, even in treatments where patients are in full-body care, we also anesthetize right around the teeth to be treated. You will therefore be able to experience waking from your anesthesia and feeling sedated in your mouth.

Here you can read more about the treatments we offer: Treatments at Tandlægerne Classensgade

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