A façade is a shell of porcelain that is put on the front of the tooth to give the tooth in question a more aesthetically satisfying appearance. At Tandlægerne Classensgade we are very concerned with aesthetics. Treatment with facades is something we have extensive experience with. Facades can give a nice and harmonious expression to teeth that were previously unsatisfactory for the patient. If the teeth have been slightly crooked, discoloured or otherwise not satisfactory to the patient, facades can help. Sometimes a treatment with facades will be preceded by a tooth direction in collaboration with one of our skilled collaborators who is a hanger dentist.

When to choose treatment with facades?

The reason for treatment with facades can be many. Maybe you always thought the gap between your teeth was annoying. Your teeth may also have a color or shape that you are not happy with. This type of challenge can typically be solved with facades. If the challenges are not so great, an aesthetic treatment with plastic can be a good alternative. Plastic treatment can, in the smaller cases, give an equally good result. The advantage of plastic over facades is partly the price. But plastic treatments are also much easier to repair. However, the possibilities with porcelain are more and more far-reaching. If there are many teeth that need treatment, porcelain façades will typically give the most harmonious result. Many treatments with facades result in teeth having a lighter appearance. A bleaching of the teeth before treatment with facades can therefore be a good idea sometimes.


Smile design - how we give you a picture of the result before we get started.

Facades are usually a treatment made for aesthetic reasons. It is therefore very important that you enjoy the end result. In order to achieve an optimal result, it is important to have a close dialogue between you as a patient, dentist and the porcelain technician who will make the facades themselves. One way to make this communication is to make a model of the end result before we get started. Sometimes this model can be tried in the mouth and sometimes it is enough just to see the result in pictures. Whatever we choose in your situation, it is important that you feel safe and confident about the result before the actual treatment is initiated.

Initially, we will typically take pictures of your teeth and your face. We do this in order to plan how the treatment should be organised in order to end up with the desired end result. We combine this with some plaster models of your teeth. This way we have a good representation of your teeth and the face the teeth sit in even if you are not at the clinic. Once we have laid out a preliminary plan, the next step will be to present you with the plan. Here we will jointly adjust until you feel that you get the result you would like. Once we have jointly found the optimal treatment for you, we will have a model of the end result made. This will let you see what we want to end up with. Så er det nemmere at se hvad det er behandlingen vil gøre ved dit smil og dit udseende generelt.

Do you want me to do something special after I've had facades made?

As a starting point, facades should be treated as if they were your own teeth. Brushing like regular teeth and flossing around them daily. However, it is important that the toothpaste you use does not contain abrasive, otherwise you will be able to wear out the facades to pieces. Abrasive is typically put in toothpaste to keep teeth white. Since you now have porcelain on your teeth and as porcelain does not darken over time there is no need to use bleaching toothpaste.

The facades are made of a porcelain material and can therefore break. If there is an injury to a porcelain façade, it is very difficult to repair to an aesthetically satisfying result. We therefore recommend that you do not use teeth that are treated with facades to chew hard things such as nuts or carrots. Also, habits such as nail biting we recommend to avoid.

As an additional safeguard for your facades, we recommend that after the facades you are attached to have a bite rail made that you sleep with at night. We do this because by the teeth cutter we will increase the risk of fracture of the facades.

Do you need treatment with crowns, bridges or facades?

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