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The dentists Classensgade must be a clinic where you as a patient feel welcome, listened to and well treated. Every treatment must be based on the best possible solution for you, because only through dialogue with the patient can the right solution be found in the individual case. This takes place in a trusting and calm environment, by skilled and empathetic people who attach great importance to meeting you with welcoming and quality-conscious treatment.

The Dentists Classensgade - we will be best at taking care of you

On the words "Trust, Safety and Good Quality", Mia and Anders Rimhoff Byrel have taken over the clinic Tandlægerne Classensgade in 2018. Our vision with the clinic is to create a place where patients always feel welcome, are comfortable coming and trust that we always strive to provide the best possible individual treatment adapted to the individual patient. Whether you need to have a study and dental cleaning once a year or suffer from major dental problems that require complicated treatment strategies and techniques, we must be the clinic that can handle your needs.


Quality is a prerequisite

Quality is not something we compromise on, and it has therefore also been a nightly choice for us that we work together with certified Danish dental laboratories to ensure the highest possible quality and highest possible service for all our patients. Following technological developments is a prerequisite for constantly being able to provide the best possible service to our patients. But technological development is not an end in itself. Because being first in technological development also means that some of the technological advances will prove to be less successful. We therefore have no idea of being first, but "first second movers" is our ambition.


High professionalism

Our vision with the clinic implies that we must have a high professional level in all of the dental subjects' subspecials. Having a consistently high professional level requires a continuous updating of knowledge. We therefore give high priority to continuing education and meet at least the Dental Association's requirement for 25 hours of continuing education annually. But also employment at Københanvs Dental School is a way to stay updated and we therefore also set aside time for employment there. We do this because we believe it is important to contribute to the further development of the profession and help the new dentists get out of school as well equipped for reality as a dentist in the best possible way.

It's inevitable that there will be tasks we don't think we can handle at the clinic. If we do not have the expertise at the clinic, our patients will be referred for the best possible specialist treatment. Every therapist at our clinic must therefore, when hiring, have a specified thesis or area of interest in order to supplement the clinic's staff and expand our eskpertise areas.


The friendliest greetings

The Dentists Classensgade by

Mia and Anders Rimhoff Byrel

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