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Children's teeth are very important and we at Tandlægerne Classensgade have chosen to have a special focus on this group of patients. We do this by providing a range of pediatric dentistry services as a private pediatric dentist in Østerbro. You can always contact us if you have any questions about your child's teeth. Then we will gladly be ready with advice and guidance. In general, when it comes to teeth, it is important to develop good habits very early in life. Both in relation to the daily habits of toothbrushing and flossing. But also when it comes to getting a habit of going to the dentist on a regular basis.


Trauma / tooth injuries - my child has hit a tooth

As a private pediatric dentist, we also take care of acute problems with children's teeth. If your child has fallen and has had one or more teeth injured, it is very important that the child is examined by a dentist as soon as possible. In most cases, treatment is no or very minimal. However, in some cases, untreated trauma can cause greater damage than if treated quickly.

It is also important that even very small trauma is reported to the insurance company. A notification at the time of the injury allows for a compensation in case of a delayed complication after the trauma.

Treatment of teeth after a trauma depends on the type of tooth in question. If it is baby tooth (primary tooth), the treatment will typically be less extensive than for permanent teeth.


Our philosophy - respect for the child is essential to have a good experience at the dentist

It is important for a successful visit to the dentist, that the child experiences that its limits are respected. Which is why we will never go beyond the boundaries of a child who isn’t ready. Therefore it is important to have the maturity of the child in mind. Sometimes the optimal treatment from a health professional perspective will not be the right one for the child.

We recommend that your child have their first Usually the dental visit between age 12-18 months. This first visit will simply be to let the child get used to going to the dentist. If the child is unsafe, it will naturally be more difficult to carry out an examination or treatment than if the child accepts the things to be done. If children are safe and things are going at the right pace, they can accept most things.

It is here also important to mention that a visit to the dentist is the child's visit. The parents are, in this regard, merely there to support the child. Communication should therefore preferably be between the dentist and the child and not between the dentist and the parents. If we as dentists get a good contact with the child, the consultation will be much easier as the child will feel seen and heard by us.


Dental sealants - a way to protect new teeth

Dental sealants are a coating of the teeth to minimize the risk of developing cavities. The treatment is done without any drilling of the tooth and only requires that the tooth is cleaned before the treatment using the dentist's "electric toothbrush". Treatment is typically done on the large molars that erupts around the age  of 6 for the first one and 12 years for the posterior tooth. The treatment is used both when a small cavity in the chewing surface has been found and as a preventive measure to molars. When the chewing surface of the teeth has just broken through the gums it is very difficult to keep clean and as a consequence is at high risk of developing cavities / decay. Therefor it is our definite opinion and recommendation as pediatric dentists that this treatment should be done as a preventive standard on all erupting molar teeth.

Good toothbrushing habits for your child's teeth

Whether it is baby teeth or permanent adult teeth, it is important to keep them clean. It is therefore important that the child from a very early age develops good habits in terms of toothbrushing and general oral hygiene.

A child should be assisted with toothbrushing from the first baby tooth until it is 10-12 years old. It is only at this age that the child hos grown fine motor skills to do this task alone. Teeth should be brushed twice daily and introduction to dental floss should be done early.

Toothbrushing should take place in the morning and immediately before bed time. Brushing should be performed with a small toothbrush to reach all the teeth. You can actually use all kinds of fluoride toothpaste, but it is important to use a very small dosage, especially in young children. Toothpaste must also be kept out of reach of children as toothpaste in quantities can be harmful to the child.


Orthodontic treatments - if your child needs braces

Pediatric dentistry sometimes needs to be combined with orthodontics. We therefore have a very good and close cooperation with a Orthodontic Specialist. If you and your child want a second opinion, we will be happy to help refer you to our Orthodontist.

Gentle dental visit for your child

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